My handcraft creations

The chairs on which I work already had a first life, I prepare them to live a second one.
Each object you will find in the gallery is a unique piece of work.



My co-creations

For my Berlin clients attached to family armchairs and chairs, I offer to renovate them in my workshop. My clients are welcome to choose with me from my selection of fabrics.



Caroline Renate

Caroline Renate is a French designer based in Berlin. A few years ago, after overseeing a Parisian art galery she decided to became a full time artist, bringing old chairs back to life.

In Provence and Berlin, throughout her travels and encounters, she collects ideas and materials that inspire her. Each armchair becomes a unique work with its own story.

On the right
Caroline Renate

exhibition at Arkonaplatz

An infinity of possibilities

Each chair is like a canvas: everything is open, endless combinations of colors, textures, materials will make unique results.

Caroline Renate


Do not hesitate contacting me through the following contact form if you have any questions on my creations and current availabilities.

Delivery is possible, cost will vary depending on area / country.

The shop is open from 11h00 to 19h00 from Monday to Saturday.  I welcome you in my workshop from Tuesday to Saturday (appointment advised)


Work Stadt Berlin
Brunnenstrasse 26,
10119 Berlin (DE)